Is it free?

Gwelcol contains links to a diverse range of wellbeing options. Some of the services will be free and some will have a cost applied. For example: Most community-based groups/ activities are usually free but attending a gym or fitness session usually has a cost applied.

How does it work?

·       Firstly, create a Gwelcol account.
·       Return to the home page, scroll down to find the activity tabs and then click on the tab of your choice (e.g., Outdoor Activities, Useful links etc).
·       The page will then display services, groups and organisations linked to your choice in the Gwent area.
·       To refine your search, use the ‘search by postcode or activity name’ option.
·       Click on your chosen activity. A description and link to the provider’s website can be accessed here.
·       You can add your choices to your favorites for future reference (only available if an account has been set up).
·       You can also search for activities by using the search facility (with the magnifying glass icon) at the top of each page.

Who is it for?

Gwelcol is for anyone in the community who would like to improve their wellbeing. Gwelcol is about you taking ownership of your wellbeing choices and building your own bespoke wellbeing community curriculum.

Where is the college?

Gwelcol is an online resource that works on the concept that wellbeing and learning are lifelong activities. Whether it’s learning a new skill or learning about yourself and others it all links to making new wellbeing connections in the brain.

Can I get support to access Gwelcol?

Gwelcol can be accessed from any IT device (phone, tablet, laptop or desk top). If you don’t have a device, or need a hand to navigate Gwelcol, pop into your local community advice building and they’ll point you in the right direction. There could even be a Gwelcol enrollment support session arranged for your community so keep a look out.

What’s the Gwelcol Wellbeing Curriculum? 

The Gwelcol Wellbeing Curriculum tab is for those seeking to improve their wellbeing, whilst engaging with a service that provides support related to Drug & Alcohol use and/ or Mental Health. This tab contains a list of bookable activities that assist to build and maintain recovery and wellbeing. Activities such as cooking, outdoor, fitness, peer support, employment advice, relapse prevention and much more are available throughout the Gwent area, and almost all of the activities are free of charge (community gym groups may charge reduced rates). 

If you’d like to access the Gwelcol Wellbeing Curriculum, please contact your support service for more information (a login code will be provided if they are a Gwelcol partner). 

How do I contact Gwelcol about a group I’m setting up or would like to add to the community curriculum?

There’s a ‘Stakeholder Information Form’ on the contact page. Fill this in and you will be contacted, regarding the group, by a member of the Gwelcol team.

How can my service become a Gwelcol Partner and access the Gwelcol Wellbeing Curriculum? 

Gwelcol is hosted by the Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service (GDAS). If you would like to become a Gwelcol Partner, please contact Gwelcol on info@gwelcol.co.uk or phone GDAS on 0333 999 3577 for more information. 
Partner services will be provided with a login code that enables access to the Gwelcol Curriculum. The login code can be used to support individuals to book onto activities, of their choice, and use the booking system independently, going forward.  
Partner services can also add their groups to the Gwent wide curriculum, and become part of the growing web of Gwelcol’s community wellbeing activities.